Spring 2017 Update

April 2017 Update

A lot of early work is focused in and around our high tunnel, where we grow early baby greens to sell during the first month of the Bangor Farmers’ Market.

Although it isn’t heated, we also use the high tunnel to raise seedlings with an extra layer of row cover and plastic at night. The sun provides plenty of heat in there during the day.

Inside the house, we have shop lights set up to start tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and basil that really need to stay warm and cozy longer.


We are also sourcing and taking delivery of lots of organic fertilizer and soil amendments. The pallet forks we got last year are really coming in handy! This year we are working for the first time with a local agronomist (i.e. farm consultant), who recommended a custom fertilizer to address some lingering imbalances in our old-hayfield soil.

We were able to get out in "Field L" to make a few beds for early planting this week before it got wet again. It's exciting to be back out on the tractor, preparing for a green explosion!