CSA Shares

A beautiful box of fresh, local, yummy produce every week!

Since 2012, we’ve been offering healthy food to families in the greater Bangor area via our popular farmers’ market stands. In 2016, we're expanding and we'll be adding a 15-week summer CSA program! By making us your CSA farmers, you’ll help us grow our living on the farm, create local jobs, and fill your table with organic, nutritious food grown with love and care.

Wise Acres Farm CSA Shares

A beautiful box of fresh, local, yummy produce every week!

Signup for our 16-week 2017 Summer CSA is open! We deliver shares to Bangor, Brewer and Hampden, Maine and offer on-farm pickup in Kenduskeag. Scroll down for more info!

Signup is closed for 2017! Join our email list for CSA updates and other farm news!

What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture.” Some farms call it a “farm share.” You purchase a share in advance, which assures us a market for what we grow ahead of time. In return, we pack a beautiful box of our organic produce for you to enjoy each week during the summer and early fall.

Our CSA members help us grow our farm and create local jobs while filling their own tables with organic, nutritious food grown with love and care.

“Very flavorful, fresh produce. A CSA saves time, and introduced me to some veggies I had never eaten before. Wonderful people giving me a surprise package every week.”
— Rosemary P.

What will you get in our CSA?

SALAD: a selection of our head lettuces and ready-to-eat baby salad greens in every share so you can make delicious salads all week.

VEGGIES YOU KNOW AND LOVE: tomatoes, cucumbers, snap beans, carrots, zucchini, onions, and more

TREATS like strawberries, sweet and tangy cherry tomatoes, and our famous watermelons!

“The produce was all consistently great quality and beautiful. I especially enjoyed the fresh berries, which actually changed my expectations of what berries can possibly taste like!”
— Natalie Y.

RECIPES AND IDEAS for tasty but less-familiar veggies like leeks, salad turnips, eggplant, and swiss chard.

Read our archived weekly CSA newsletters for more details about what goes in the shares.

We don’t regularly grow beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, corn, cauliflower, potatoes, radishes, or spinach for the CSA. We know other farmers who are experts at growing all of these crops if you want help finding more of them to supplement your share!

How many people will a share feed?

Our share is designed for two people who eat veggies regularly, a single person who eats lots of them, or a larger family that wants to try new veggies and might shop at the farmers’ market for more of what they like the best.

A typical share in early August might contain a half-pound of salad mix, a head of green cabbage, two medium cucumbers, a bunch of dill, a medium eggplant, a small head of lettuce, two medium sweet onions, and a pound of green beans.

A typical share in mid-September might include a half-pound of baby kale, a small head of lettuce, a pound of onions, two sweet peppers, a bunch of scallions, a half-pound of green beans, a pound of tomatoes, a four-pound watermelon, and a medium zucchini.

Is your share a good value?

Yes! For just $24 per week, you can enjoy a selection of premium organic veggies and fruit at their peak freshness, with the convenience of a quick pickup or delivery. CSA members share with us in the risk and reward of the season. In recognition of this, we aim to deliver a 5-10% bonus above and beyond the share's retail value over the course of the season, based on how our crops are doing.

How do I get my share every week?

Pick up your shares on Wednesdays anytime between 3 PM and 6 PM. The first pickup day is July 5 and the last one is October 18, 2017. Your box will be all packed up and ready to go, so pickup can be a quick and easy part of your day.


104 Thistle Lane (in Avalon Village)

$416 (includes $2 fee per delivery)


Tiller & Rye, 20 S. Main St., Brewer

$416 (includes $2 fee per delivery)


Home/Workplace Delivery

$464 (includes $5 fee per delivery)

Email wiseacresgarden@gmail.com or call 207-730-6214 to check if we can deliver to your address. A delivery discount may apply if we can deliver multiple shares to your workplace or home; ask us for details!

Kenduskeag--At the Farm

424 Townhouse Road




How do I sign up & pay for my share?

When signup is open, a link to our signup form will be available at the bottom of this page. You have the option of paying online (3% fee applies) or mailing us a check. Payment in full or a $100 deposit will secure your share. If you make a deposit, your balance will be due one week before the first share delivery. You are welcome to make installments in the meantime.